A very plane blog post

This week we have been making paper planes and it is so fun, my first plane I made is 18.5 cms in length, and in width my plane is 21 cms and in area was 388 cm2my second one was even smaller it was 16 cms in length and 14 cms in width in area it was 224 cm2!!!! I love this in investigation because it is so satisfying because we make paper planes out of not even a mill of paper it’s amazing. I think my second paper plane is going to fly better then the first one. To learn more go to the artofmanliness.com

Magnificent magical world of mandalas

This magnificent week of mandalas was awesome, and you know why it was awesome? Because of the mindfulness and creativity, you get to create really really cool mandalas!! Here is a photo of a mandala built out of sand!!

This week I learnt how to achive mindfulness by drawing lightly and being silent.

The magnificent mystery of maths

This week I did awesome maths, and you know why it’s awesome? Because you learn tonnes of things, I learnt that ascending order means low to high and deccending order means high to low and you know why it’s height to low, it’s because de means down so that was the magnificent mystery of MATHS!!!

Watching the human race

               WHAT I LEARNT:                                         Today I learnt that you should always be respected and cared for.                You should always be resilient and confident, people don’t always get their way, but be brave and keep moving forward!!!!!!


The actors names were

Rachel and Adam

The actors characters were Cane, Dee dee, Kimbo and Duncan !!!!


This is a photo of what I done.


The dance

img_1008I was walking up the stairs one by one with my belly bouncing around like a big box of nerves.I was finally up on stage in my position, I was shaking so much I was about to fall off the stage. I Waited for the music to start, there was silence until… I’m only one call away and I was actually doing it it was so fun.
It was just like second nature. It went on And on and on at less it finished so the class bowed and we walked off the stage to our seats, everyone was cheering and clapping I thought we did awesome so did Mrs Coote and even the parents so we sat down on our seats we watched  other performances and my favourite one was dance off it was so cool a grade 5 class did dance off and the second song I liked  was when they bottle flipped. My there’d best was every thing is awesome and my fourth favourite was one call away.All the other people who did one call away were great.


Cardboard car regatta

img_1550Hi my name is Kade and I am from grade 4B.Me and my class were working on our cardboard cars to do the cardboard car regatta race it was a fun time doing and building the cars. Finally we were finished working on our cars and ready for the race!


I felt very nervous when we were walking inline to get ready for the big race our group had the biggest car in our grade so it would make a bit hard for us. I felt the breeze on my face wishing through like a motorbike,I smelt he fresh green grass what had just been mode.


All I could see is a lot of kids around me chatting and yabbering around, they were so exited!